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Red Light Tickets Stop Sign Violations

Any type of traffic violation in Georgia can have multiple effects which are worth avoiding, if at all possible, or fighting if you receive a citation. Traffic violations will cost you money. To begin with, there is a fine for each violation as well as a longer term and more invisible effect on your insurance premium. In addition, you will have points added to your driver license and can ultimately have the license suspended if you are unaware of how many points you have already accumulated.

It is always worth knowing Georgia’s points system and also knowing how many points you already have on your license. You may be a totally law abiding person who drives carefully and obeys traffic rules as well as anyone, but many traffic violations can happen quite easily. Al it takes is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Red Light Cameras in Atlanta

These cameras monitor intersections controlled by traffic lights. If you are caught by one of these cameras, you are sent the ticket in the mail. A red light camera ticket is not like ordinary citations as the offense is a civil matter – a bit like a parking ticket. You pay a fine ($70), but don’t accrue any points and the offense will not go on your driving record, so won’t affect your insurance premium. Note that you can be charged even if you crossed into an intersection on a yellow light and were still in the intersection when the lights turned to red.

Atlanta’s red light cameras are hard to challenge, but have produced some anomalies – with some drivers complaining that they were sure the lights were green when they went through them!

Red Light and Stop Sign Violations

Both of these violations will mean that you get a citation from a police officer if you are seen passing a red light or not stopping at a recognized stop sign. Georgia’s police officers are well known for keeping watch at out of the way intersections where they monitor driver behavior. You must stop at a stop sign and not just slow down to a crawl. The problem with these violations is that the only evidence is the observation by the officer who gave you the citation and it is their word against yours if you try and dispute it.

Red light and stop sign violations will result in a fine as well as three points on your license. These violations will also mean that your insurance company will know about them and this will inevitably mean a hike in your premium next time it is due

Many people who get handed a citation think it is too much trouble to fight. However, it is usually worth fighting a traffic violation, if you can, because the cost of pleading guilty may be more expensive than the cost of hiring an Atlanta traffic violation attorney to represent you.

If you plead not guilty, you put the pressure on to the prosecution to find you guilty. Even if you go to court it won’t cost you any more and if you lose it will cost the same in the long run as if you pleaded guilty in the first place. If you plead not guilty, there is always the chance that the officer who charged you doesn’t show up in court and your case is dismissed. If you are not sure, contact an attorney in Atlanta with experience in traffic ticket law for advice about whether it is worth you fighting the charge.




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