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Why You Need an Atlanta Traffic Lawyer

It’s not difficult getting a traffic ticket in Atlanta. Sometimes, it seems that the only purpose of traffic citations is to raise money for the Atlanta City authorities. In truth, most traffic regulations are designed to keep road users, as well as pedestrians, safe. However, you may still be given a citation for something you were not responsible for, or was unfairly given to you. It may seem easier to just pay a fine and accept the consequences of a traffic ticket, but the long term costs can be higher than you first thought. Hiring an Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer makes a lot of sense when the alternative is more costly, both to you and your family.

Long term costs of Traffic Convictions in Georgia

Most traffic violations involve a fine. The amount of fine depends on the severity of the citation you have been given. A citation for speeding is usually higher than that for texting on a mobile phone while driving. Most traffic violations in Georgia mean you get points added to your license. If you accumulate 15 points, you lose your license to drive. The more costly and hidden costs of having a traffic conviction is the effect on your insurance premiums. Insurance companies work on risk. When you start getting even minor traffic citations like a speeding ticket, insurance companies raise the amount you have to pay for insurance. Over a few years, the increase in insurance premiums can be far higher than any other single cost of pleading guilty to a traffic violation charge

Georgia Points for Traffic Tickets

The State of Georgia has a very similar system of driver license points as many other states. When you get a ticket, you can plead guilty or not guilty. If you pay a fine you are automatically considered guilty and you will accrue a number of points on your license. If you are caught speeding, for instance, you could get up to 6 points on your license, depending on how many miles an hour you were recorded over the limit. If you run a red light, or are caught not stopping at a stop sign, then you could get 3 points on your license.

These points stay on your record and accumulate. Once you reach the 15 point level as long as the points have been accrued within the same two year period, then you will find your license will be suspended. Losing your license may only be an inconvenience, but more likely it is the main way you get around the city, go to work, do the shopping and visit friends and relatives. If you are a commercial driver, our CDL is absolutely crucial. Losing your license, even for a few months, may be hard to explain and you may lose your job. Some traffic violations, like DUI and reckless driving, are criminal offenses and your misdemeanor or felony charge will haunt you for the rest of your life

Hire an Atlanta Traffic Lawyer to Help Fight Your Traffic Tickets

When you add up all the inconvenience and long term costs of being charged with traffic violations it can seem common sense to start challenging the decisions made. Many traffic tickets are given out by police officers thinking and acting subjectively. Their version of what you did wrong may not be the way it seemed to you. Accepting a guilty plea for a traffic citation is not always the easiest and best solution. An Atlanta traffic violation lawyer can help you prepare a vigorous defense of your innocence. Often, simply pleading not guilty means that the effort to try and find sufficient evidence to find you guilty of a specific charge is too much for the prosecution and your charge is dismissed. An experienced traffic violation lawyer understands Georgia law on traffic violations very well and knows how best to get your charge dismissed or at least get it reduced to a lesser charge or keep it off your driver record so it won’t affect your insurance costs.

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